IT, Telecoms and Aviation

The efficient flow of information is one of the core feature of the contemporary’s information economy. The ability to transfer financial records, customer information and other information worldwide quickly and economically has unlocked a world of opportunity and risks for many businesses. As advancement in technology increases, there has been an increased need to formulate laws that govern the contemporary technology. The development of advanced telecommunications also requires adequate legal protection. Aviation is a matter that requires high level of expertise and laws and regulations governing such operations. We have expertise in legal matters pertinent to the IT, telecommunications and aviation industries and continue to advise both domestic and international parties on regulatory frameworks and practices undergirding the sectors. Some of our clients in this practice group include; Island Aviations, Maldives Airports Company Limited, Airbus Industries (France), ESPN and Star Sports (Hong Kong), Motorolla Inc. (US), Verizon Communications Inc. (US), Changi Airport Group, Cable and Wireless International, Dhiraagu Private Limited, Apple Computers and Nexbiz (Australia).

Our firm has the most experienced lawyers in this field of law. We always ensure that our clients adhere to the relevant legislation within the jurisdiction they are carrying out their operations in order to protect any private information from getting into the wrong hands.  We have made diverse working relationships with professionals in other practice areas to ensure that we have adequate resources. Such resources enable our lawyers to offer practical, innovative and integrated advice on any IT, telecommunications and aviation concerns facing our clients. Some of our core services in this area of practice include but are not limited to; privacy and cyber security policies, data security breach preparedness and response, privacy-related disputes and claims and privacy and cyber security aspects of cloud computing and other sourcing arrangements. As Suood & Anwar LLP, we work towards ensuring that our clients are legally protected in this area of law.