In the contemporary society, the economic environment is constantly changing resulting to the evolution of the prevalent tax regimes. Currently, there has been amplified governmental efforts to upsurge or sustain the existing tax revenue levels hence posing fresh and problematic challenges for tax planning, evaluation, compliance and dispute resolution. However, you need not to worry since our lawyers are well conversant with the constant changes in the taxation regimes, laws and regulations. We take pride in having lawyers who have been involved both at the policy making level and drafting of the existing tax legislation, including the Business Profit Tax Act and the Goods and Services Tax Act.

The world has become a global market as a result of globalization and cultural diversity. Therefore, globalization has created complex tax concerns that often require companies and organizations to advance their knowledge of tax laws, regulations and treaties. Known for our global tax expertise and manifestation, clients often seek advice from our lawyers on how to achieve their business goals and objectives subject to the prevalent diversity of national tax laws and the global nature of the contemporary tax issues and concerns. Our lawyers have mastered the art of comprehending every tax laws, regulations and treaties hence making them the best-suited to partner with our clients and meet all their taxation desires and goals. Our lawyers will ensure that the clients enjoy services such as; risk reduction, successful resolution of unavoidable disputes, tax efficacy and avoiding of tax controversy.

Our understanding is that international taxation is often faced with legal and business complexities. As Suood & Anwar LLP, our lawyers have global recognition for their expansive-thinking approach on tax matters such as; tax legislative initiatives, tax planning, post-acquisition integration, tax investigative matters and transfer pricing. Our lawyers always provide appropriate solution to all tax issues whether they are focused on national or cross-border issues. We value our clients and we always put their interests first when dealing with all legal matters.