Government, Regulatory and Compliance

In the contemporary society, regulatory frameworks are frequently developing in diverse sectors across the globe. The aspect of transparency and accountability is important in ensuring that there is compliance with the set out laws and regulations hence resulting to the formulation of regulation bodies. Non-compliance accrues high costs as well as reducing productivity and advancement. Our lawyers have been at the forefront of legislative and regulatory drafting and administrative law in the Maldives.

Our widespread knowledge of the local laws and regulations and our ability to thrive in the multijurisdictional realm enables us to be the best-suited to assist clients across the globe. Our lawyers will strive to assist clients with all regulatory and compliance issues in an effective and innovative manner. Our lawyers offer appropriate counsel to clients across jurisdictions hence making them stand out in cross-border transactions.

Our lawyers assist the clients in understanding their accountabilities, risks, management of risks and modes of dealing with complex regulatory regimes while undertaking their daily transactions. We have cultivated an outstanding rapport with members of a variety of regulatory and oversight bodies and agencies. This assists our lawyers to give inclusive advice from a well-informed perspective to the clients. All our resources are utilized to meet all the set out regulatory requirements in order to enhance efficacy in all the operations that are run hence boosting compliance.

Our experience in taxation, banking and finance services have enabled our lawyers to develop expertise on diverse aspects on contentious issues in investments, banking and capital markets as well as the relevant regulatory compliance. The creation of state-of-the-art strategies aimed at protecting our clients’ reputes and assets is our core objective. Our lawyers work towards ensuring that the clients pursue and venture in their business endeavors with self-assurance and positivity. Our lawyers often assist the clients to be actively involved in all their operations hence propagating profitability and development. Our clients are also assisted to ensure that they adhere to all the relevant legislations while carrying out their day-to-day operations.

Our lawyers have in various capacities also been involved in drafting legislation such as the Tourism Act, 2nd Amendment to the Tourism Act, Tourism GST Act, Corporate Tax Act, Copyrights Law, draft bill on amendments to the Companies Act, Privatization Regulations, Decentralization Act, draft bill on Arbitration to mention a few. The drafting of these legislations has enabled our lawyers to analyse all the issues that affect the regulation and compliance sectors. Such an analysis enables our lawyers to offer adequate legally sound advice to the clients. The formulation of these laws has increased transparency and accountability in all the relevant sectors hence propelling growth.

As Suood & Anwar LLP, our lawyers are well versed with different expertise across the legal profession. To boost compliance, our lawyers often review the contemporary issues that arise to enable them offer well-informed advice to all clients. We value our clients hence we do what is possible to enable them to comply with the set out regulatory and compliance laws and regulations.

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