Foreign Investments

Government actions have been encouraging foreign investments increasingly in order to embrace global trade of goods and services as well as boost the economy in Maldives. Following the Government’s drive to further open-up the economy and pave the way to attract foreign investments, our lawyers were instrumental in setting up the current regulatory framework for foreign investment transactions and public private partnerships (PPPs) in the Maldives. We understand the needs of our clients and can easily guide them through the requisite regulations to get them established here in the Maldives. Our lawyers have been largely involved in the negotiation of multilateral or bilateral foreign investments agreements. We have constantly offered our legal advice and expertise to both the government and the foreign investors to enhance developments and boost the economy at large. Such an involvement has enabled our lawyers to work towards ensuring that both the locals and the foreign investors are legally protected.

While the ultimate objective may be a more liberalized economic system, the immediate result is likely to be a grove of rules, procedures and exceptions hence making the development in Maldives tricky. As Suood & Anwar LLP, our lawyers help clients to manage their risks while investing and maximize on the opportunities that the government is often giving to the foreign investors. Our practice extends across the globe and provides a wide variety of services intended to match the scope of global foreign investments laws and regulations and to effectively respond to the needs of our clients as soon as they arise.

Our lawyers have assisted foreign investors in various practice areas such as banking, tourism and real estate, construction and infrastructure development, telecom and aviation amongst others.